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2,400 Pre-Approved Aircraft standing by for your travel needs
We care about making your travel experience not just OK, but superb. Aircraft of 10,400 Pre-Approved Aircraft, ensures that your travel experience is always at the highest level of safety, service, comfort and ease.  We offer you the very best aircraft and pilots at a price that is always guaranteed upfront.


Our Pre-Approved Air Charter Network

All of our aircraft are part of a pre-approved Operator Network and have been selected based on stringent standards of safety and service.  Some organizations will use any Charter Operator to fulfill their customer's flying requirements. Our select network of 12,800 aircraft, all are top-quality aircraft with top quality crews. And as an extra safety measure, we always provide two pilots for all of our flights. 

Safety and Standards Auditing

All of the operators and their aircraft that are part of our network are required to be audited by industry third-party aviation audit authorities to ensure they meet and maintain the highest levels of standards. These standards typically surpass those mandated by the Federal Aviation Agency, providing you always with ease of mind of flying with the best.





For Reservations or Information within the USA call  1(800) 284-0068, Intl call 415-464-0400

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